Egyptian Science Week

Egyptian Science Week is an annual Egyptian event that celebrates science and technology. The celebration gathers vast scientific events which are spread all around Egypt and held through buzzing scientific shows, inspiring public lectures, engaging scientific competitions and various
exciting activities.

ESW is organized in collaboration with governmental organizations, universities, schools, research centers, and NGOs in order to disseminate scientific and technology awareness and simplify science. It is scheduled to be held on March of every year in parallel with British science week.


ESW Event

Is yearly Science Festival that aims to increase the interest of science, technology, innovation, and simplifying them to the community.
The Festival is held in March of every year, and includes different activities all around Egypt.

Field Events

Field Events take place on the ground and with coordination with ESW ambassadors such as (scientific discussions – science fair - scientific trips – discussing panel - etc. )

Digital Content

Egyptian Science Week enriches Arabic Scientific Content through many online events such as, articles, videos and info-graphics, ... etc, which reach tens of millions of viewers.


ESW Partners

Organizing partners
  • ASRT
  • Hadath
  • Knowtify
Technology Partner
  • Here
Strategic partners
  • Misr Alkheir
  • NTRA
  • Maker Week
Knowledge Partners
  • 1001 Inventions
  • AUC
  • EBI
Printing Partner
  • Oryx
Community partners
  • Cilantro
  • The 7s
  • IdeaSpace
  • Innovation Cluster
  • ROV Competition
  • Minesweepers Competition
  • Dbse
  • الجمعية المصرية للعلوم والهندسة
Academic partners
  • أكاديمية النقل البحري
  • Alexandria University
  • South Valley University
  • Aswan University
  • Center of Nanoelectronics and Devices
  • المعهد القومي للبحوث الفلكية والجيوفيزيقية
  • جامعة كفر الشيخ
  • جامعة المنوفية
  • جامعة النيل
  • جامعة قناة السويس
  • مدينة زويل
Space partners
  • Circles
  • Shamsia
  • Stac
Media partners
  • Sci Dev Net
  • Shafaf
School Student partners
  • Tachyons
  • اتحاد طلاب إدارة الدقي
Student activity partners
  • Chem Club
  • FOP
  • IEEE
  • SMC
  • Smile
  • Tiba

Contact Us

For general information about Egyptian Science Week, sponsorship and partnerships contact us via:
+20 100 112 8898

If you have a question about Egyptian Science Week, Send us a message: